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One-stop Cross-border Financial Services Platform

Makes financial transactions easier and more interesting.

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We integrate customers’ fragmented demands of currency exchange and risk management through our internet currency exchange and risk management platform and develop corresponding products and services according to the common needs of our clients. Due to the scale effect, the innovative foreign exchange risk management products, which were supposed to be delivered to large enterprises, now become a win-win business for both Hai Cloud Exchange and medium-sized and small enterprises and individuals. With the platform advantages in and out of China, Hai Cloud Exchange helps provide a series of foreign exchange products and services, including foreign exchange spot, forwards, swaps, options and structured products, etc. HCE International Service Limited provides service of converting electronic bank acceptance bills into US dollars and International factoring business to medium-sized and small enterprises.


one-stop cross-border financial service platform

Hai Cloud Exchange (collectively include Hai Cloud Exchange (HK) Limited and HCE International Service Limited) were incorporated in Hong Kong since August 2016 and its strategic positioning is to become China’s first one-stop cross-border financial services platform. As a financial services institution with unique “corporate perspective” characteristics under Chinese-funded industrial capital, Hai Cloud Exchange focuses on providing supply chain financing, currency exchange, cross-border payment, , exchange rate and interest rate risk management solutions for SMEs and individual customers. One-stop cross-border financial services, empowering their trading advantages and risk management advantages to a wide range of industrial users. The service areas cover cross-border e-commerce, aviation, grain and oil, and tourism.



Hai Cloud Exchange held “Manage Cloud, Share Future” workshop and publish foreign exchange trading platform

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Hai Cloud Exchange got Hong Kong Money Service Operator License

On December 28, 2017, Hai Cloud Exchange (Hong Kong) Limited of Haier Financial Holdings was issued ...


Hai Cloud Exchange and Thomson Reuters Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

On July 26, 2017, in Qingdao, Hai Cloud Exchange, a small company owned by Haier Financial Holdings,...


China Foreign Exchange | Haier: Exchange Rate Risk Control in Company Mergers and Acquisitions

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Hai Cloud Exchange of Haier Financial Holdings obtained Money Lender′s license

On Aril 6, HCE International Service Limited, formerly known as Hai Cloud Exchange Capital Markets (...


As a leading financial technology company in foreign exchange industry, Hai Cloud Exchange is devoted to providing professional and efficient solutions to currency exchange and foreign exchange risk management to our clients-the medium-sized and small enterprises, and individuals. And to specialize, simplify and intelligentize our service, Hai Cloud Exchange is armed with a top foreign exchange product team and an expert IT development team.

Every team owns experienced specialists with expertise covering finance, mathematics, computer, psychology, philosophy etc. They all have a higher cognition and research level on the breadth and depth of foreign exchange and financial technology. Just like the mission we consistently adhere to, Hai Cloud Exchange will make financial transactions easier and more fun through our professional service.


Safe and stable trading system

Now, HCE has set up a 24-hour real time foreign exchange trading platform. It imported from Thomson Reuters a series of all-scale foreign exchange trading system solutions, including the ERT, TREP, FX All and FX Trading. On this basis, HCE did customization according to its own business pattern. All this greatly improved the timeliness, safety, and compliance of HCE’s foreign exchange trading platform and its risk management system, and further supported HCE to provide user-friendly trading services with swift trading and convenient delivery to SMEs and individual clients.

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